All machine vision application start with "the image" - and lighting is a key aspect of this. Correctly chosen lighting highlights the features you're interested in, and disguises things you are not interested in. Our free application evaluation service helps you specify the correct lighting solution for your application.

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Cognex DM300-DLCOV-RE

Cognex Dataman 300 Diffuse Lens Cover Kit, red illumination, for integrated lighting

Cognex DM300-HPIL-RE

Cognex Dataman 300/360 series high powered integrated light, red LED's

Cognex DM300-PLCOV-RE

Cognex Dataman 300 Polarized Lens Cover Kit, red illumination, for integrated lighting

Cognex DM30X-HPIA-625

Cognex Dataman high power illumination accessory, red LED's, narrow focus. Includes 300mm...

Cognex DM360-HPIL-RE-P

ImageMax lighting (HPIL) for DM360, with Red Polarized Front Cover

Cognex ISLM-7000-WHI

In-Sight 7000 GII Illumination accessory with pre-installed white light.

Smart Vision Lights 5PM12-22P

22 gauge Tslot M12 Pigtail Connector

Smart Vision Lights AL-150x150-470

Area Spot Light 150mm x 150mm 470nm Blue