All machine vision application start with "the image" - and lighting is a key aspect of this. Correctly chosen lighting highlights the features you're interested in, and disguises things you are not interested in. Our free application evaluation service helps you specify the correct lighting solution for your application.

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Smart Vision Lights DDL-150-WHI

150mm Dome Light - White

Smart Vision Lights DDL-250-470

250mm Dome Light - 470nm Blue

Smart Vision Lights DDL-250-505

250mm Dome Light - 505nm Cyan

Smart Vision Lights DDL-250-530

250mm Dome Light - 530nm Green

Smart Vision Lights DDL-250-625

250mm Dome Light - 625nm Red

Smart Vision Lights DDL-250-WHI

250mm Dome Light - White

Smart Vision Lights DF34.9-46

Camera Adapter 34.9 to M46 adapter ring

Smart Vision Lights DF55-46

Camera Adapter 55 to M46 adapter ring