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Cognex Dataman DMR-152X-1120

DataMan 152X with liquid lens, PowerGrid, 1-D and 2-D Code Reader, 1280x960 Resolution

Cognex Dataman DMR-500QL-00

Cognex DataMan 500QL fixed-mount ID reader. 1D codes only

Cognex Dataman DMR-500X-00

Cognex DataMan 500X fixed-mount ID reader. 1D and 2D codes.

Cognex Dataman DMR-60S-00

Cognex Dataman 60S fixed ID reader, 1D and 2D codes, ethernet, RS232 and USB communication...

Cognex Dataman DMR-70S-0110

Cognex Dataman 70S short range ID reader, 752 x 480 resolution, 6.2mm 3 position lens, USB...