Cognex DataMan 8000

Rugged, high-performance readers for tough applications

DataMan® handheld barcode readers provide best-in-class performance for direct part mark (DPM) and 1-D and 2-D label-based code applications. Designed with the latest patented technology, rugged housing, and modular communication options, Cognex handheld barcode readers are ideal for the harshest manufacturing and logistics environments.

DataMan 8050 Series

DataMan 8050 solves well-marked DPM and label-based code applications in harsh factory floor environments.

DataMan 8600 Series

DataMan 8600 delivers superior image formation for the most challenging DPM, 1-D, and 2-D codes of varying size and quality.

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Cognex Dataman 8000 DMR-8050X-602

Cognex Dataman 8050X Bluetooth Handheld ID Reader with Intelligent Base Station 2

Cognex Dataman 8000 DMR-8600-0200

Cognex Dataman 8600 handheld corded reader with ethernet communications module

Cognex Dataman 8000 DMR-8600-0400

Cognex Dataman 8600 Reader with WiFi Communication Module and Intelligent Base Station