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About Fujifilm

Beginning in 1934 as Japan's pioneering photographic film maker, Fujifilm has leveraged its imaging and information technology to become a global presence known for innovation in healthcare, graphic arts, optical devices, highly functional materials and other high-tech areas.

Fujifilm Fundamental Core Technologies

For over 80 years Fujifilm has continually invested in research and development resulting in world-class, highly versatile fundamental core technologies. While these technologies have their roots in photo, this expertise allows Fujifilm to invent and innovate new products and services for diverse businesses that will shape the future for Fujifilm, and enhance the quality of people’s lives worldwide.


Facilitates the design and high-volume manufacture of lens units for digital cameras and camera phones, as well as lasers and Wide View films.

Imaging Technology

Fujifilm's proprietary advanced technology handles the wide variety of images required in a variety of fields such as medical, printing and imaging.


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Fujinon Lens DF6HA-1B

Fujinon Lens, 1.5MP, 2/3", f6mm, F1.2 - F16, Manual Iris, Manual Focus, C-Mount, Filter Th...

Fujinon Lens DV10x8SA-1

Fujinon Varifocal Lens, 3MP, 1/2", f8-80mm, F1.4-Close, Manual (I,F,Z), Aspherical, C-Moun...

Fujinon Lens DV10x8SR4A-1

Fujinon Varifocal Lens, 3MP, 1/2", f8-80mm, F1.6-T360, Manual (I,F,Z), Aspherical, Day/Nig...

Fujinon Lens DV3.4x3.8SA-1

Fujinon Varifocal Lens, 3MP, 1/2", f3.8-13mm, F1.4-T360, Manual (I,F,Z), Aspherical, C-Mou...

Fujinon Lens DV3.4x3.8SA-SA1

Fujinon Varifocal Lens, 3MP, 1/2", f3.8-13mm, F1.4-T360, Auto DC Iris, Manual (F,Z), Asphe...

Fujinon Lens DV3.8x4SR4A-1

Fujinon Varifocal Lens, 3MP, 1/1.8"", f4-15.2mm, F1.5-T360, Manual (I,F,Z), Aspherical, Da...