Cognex In-Sight 8000

The In-Sight 8405 is the world’s smallest 5MP (megapixel) self contained vision system. The compact design features Power over Ethernet to minimize cabling and offers high speed communication with Gigabit Ethernet so the In-Sight 8405 truly goes where no vision system has gone before. This model offers a larger field of view than other Micro models, but features high resolution and optimized vision tools to ensure no sacrifice in performance for your machine vision application.

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Cognex In-Sight Micro IS8405M-363-10

In-Sight 8405 With PatMax without PatMax Redline

Cognex In-Sight Micro IS8405M-373-10

In-Sight 8405 with PatMax and PatMax Redline

Cognex In-Sight Multi-Camera ISC8200M-000

In-Sight 8200 (VGA) Camera for In-Sight Controller VC200

Cognex In-Sight Multi-Camera ISC8401M-000

Cognex In-Sight 8401 (1.3MP) Camera for In-Sight Controller VC200

Cognex In-Sight Multi-Camera ISC8402M-000

Cognex In-Sight 8402 (2MP) Camera for In-Sight Controller VC200