Cognex Checker 4G

Checker Vision Sensor Features

The Checker® vision sensor is an award winning all-in-one industrial sensor with built-in camera, processor, lighting, optics, and I/O capable of detecting and inspecting up to 6,000 parts per minute–all in an industrial IP67 enclosure small enough to fit into the tightest of spaces.

Improve process control with value-line vision technology

  • Replace multiple photoelectric sensors with fewer industrial sensors
  • Reduce scrap, downtime and maintenance
  • Simplify the overall system design
  • Inspect multiple part features simultaneously
  • Overcome varying part positions to eliminate the need for costly fixturing
  • Simple, remote setup and display through your PC or with the optional SensorView® 2 display
  • Ethernet support for industrial protocols
  • Image storage to FTP server
  • Encoder-based part tracking for variable speed lines
  • Up to four discrete outputs
  • Up to 32 job changes for maximum flexibility
  • Inspect up to 6,000 parts per minute
  • Industry standard Ladder Logic editor for custom outputs to eliminate PLC programming
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Cognex Checker C4G1-24G-E00


Cognex Checker C4G7-24G-E00

Checker 4G7 Vision Sensor

Cognex Checker C4G7-24S-E00

Checker 4G7S Vision Sensor

Cognex Checker C4G7-24X-E00

Checker4G7X Vision Sensor

Cognex Checker C4G7C-24C-E00

Checker 4G7C Color Vision Sensor