Basler pulse

A Compact and Low Weight Camera, with Elegant Design

Developed to meet the requirements of a broad variety of vision applications, the Basler pulse combines the established Basler quality with a sophisticated design.

The pulse series stands out, starting with a sharp, robust metal housing including tripod adapter and a CS-mount which can easily be converted to C- or S-mount. pulse is equipped with the USB3 Vision plug and play interface and offers great stability and impressively low power consumption. These and other features make the Basler pulse a very compact solution for easy system integration as well as for the switch from analog to digital vision technology.

With its new generation of CMOS sensor technology, the pulse series offers global shutter and rolling shutter options, making it the natural choice for users who need most pristine and colorful images together with live footage.

The advantages of the Basler pulse family include:


  • Sharp design with elegant metal housing
  • Global shutter and rolling shutter options with frame rates up to 60 fps
  • Resolution from 1.2MP up to 5MP
  • 1.3 watt low power consumption and one-cable solution with USB3 Vision technology
  • Included tripod adapter and CS-mount, C- and S-mount adapter optional
  • Compactness with <60g low weight and small size (d x L): 38.8mm x 28.2mm
  • Long-term availability as well as outstanding price/performance ratio

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The Basler pulse is suitable for a multitude of applications, including:


  • Educational, routine and scientific microscopy
  • Laboratory scientific, diagnostic equipment and automation
  • Ophthalmology
  • Dermatology
  • Patient positioning control and virtual patient observation
  • Border and access control
  • People recognition, counting and tracking
  • In-vehicle automatic license plate recognition (ALPR)
  • Wheel alignment
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